University of Waterloo COVID-19 Screening

All persons (staff, candidates, examiners) entering the University of Waterloo on October 17th, 2021 to challenge the OSCE, must complete the vaccination requirements and campus check-in prior to arriving on campus. 

Information regarding this can be found here:


Vaccination requirement | COVID-19 Information | University of Waterloo (


From this page, you will need to click on the link that will take you through campus check-in, which can be found here:


Campus Check-In (


If you have a current “eduroam” account you can log in using this. If not, you will need to log in using a “guest” account. Uploading the vaccine documentation can happen ahead of time, but the campus check in is done within an hour prior to arriving on campus.


Once you have completed your campus check-in prior to arriving on campus, you will get the following email. (see attached). You will need to show this email to gain entry into the building. 


If you have any questions please address them to 



Exam Team