General Exam Inquiries

In fairness and transparency for all candidates, exam policies and procedures are available at oebc.ca. All candidates are required to follow these policies. To register for a future attempt, you must meet the eligibility conditions set out in the Exam Eligibility and Retake Policy, which requires that candidates meet one of the following conditions:

  • OD student
  1. Written -currently enrolled in their 3rd (spring administration only) or final year of their program
  2. OCSE – currently enrolled in their program’s final year
  • OD graduate who has successfully completed his/her OD program in Canada or the U.S. within the past three years have graduated with a doctor of optometry degree from an ACOE-accredited program or be credentialled by FORAC an International Crediting program; OR,
  • Graduate of non-ACOE institution who has completed the Evaluating Exam and approved by the federation of optometry regulators to go directly to the OEBC exam or completed an acceptable bridging education program; OR,
  • Other OD Graduate who is registered/licensedto practice with a full, independent and unrestricted license/registration to practice as an Optometrist in the U.S.


To summarize, you must either have obtained an OD degree from an accredited US or Canadian optometry program in the past 3 years or been a credentialled international graduate. Information about credentialing is available at http://forac-faroc.ca/. 

The Candidate Instructions and Exam Guide contains all information including timing for both the written exam and OSCE; please refer to this document found on the Preparing for the Exam webpage for more information.

As stated in your OEBC Registration Confirmation email, you will receive a specific exam schedule details 6-8 weeks before the exam date. We suggest adding ‘exams@oebc.ca’ to your safe list to ensure you receive the email to your inbox.

As indicated on OEBC’s Results Reporting webpage, results from 2018 are issued online through OEBC’s candidate portal:

Approximately eight weeks after an exam administration, individual exam results will be available to each candidate on the OEBC candidate portal. An email will be sent to candidates when results are available. Candidates will be able to access and download their results by logging in to their profile on the portal with their username and password.

If you have completed your written exam or OSCE separately, the results letter you received in July/December indicates that it is for your records only. You will receive a pass letter indicating you have completed the OEBC exam once you have successfully passed both the written exam and OSCE. A certificate only will be mailed to a candidate’s address on file at this time.

Candidates who have passed the OEBC exam (written and OSCE) will receive a letter, a copy of which may be downloaded and printed (ensure the OEBC corporate seal in the centre of the page is visible) to submit to the provincial or territorial regulatory body to which the candidate is applying for registration to practice optometry. Certificates will be sent to candidates through regular mail with Canada Post.

For exam results previous to 2017, please contact exams@oebc.ca for a PDF copy due to a corporate name change.

In fairness to all candidates OEBC provides candidates with the same amount of detail and type of information about results – your feedback report and the scoring information available on the website. There is no more information to give to candidates. Please refer to the Scoring and Rescoring, Passing the Exam and Preparing for the Exam pages for more information.

OEBC does not send results directly to regulatory bodies on behalf of candidates/optometrists. Results are issued directly to the candidate via OEBC’s candidate portal. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit to the college he/she wishes to register with. The college can verify the results with OEBC if needed.

OEBC’s role is to develop and administer the entry-to-practice exam of behalf of the regulators.

OEBC cannot speak to registering within a particular province as each provincial regulator has their own set of rules and regulations for registering within their province. You will need to contact the College of Optometrists of who you wish to register with directly.

Portal Related Inquiries

Sign out of the portal completely; Clear your cache, close all web browsers; and restart your computer

As stated on the portal sign in page, after 5 failed log in attempts your account is automatically locked for half an hour. If you do not remember your password, please click “forgot password” to reset it however clicking “forgot password” after the 5 failed attempts will not allow you back in until the half hour window has passed. If you have another 5 failed login attempts, your account will be locked for another half an hour.

Please wait the half hour, clear your cache, close all browsers and restart. If you are still experiencing issues after you have attempted the above, contact exams@oebc.ca for further assistance.

Candidates do not have the ability to change personal information in the portal after registration. Please submit your new address to exams@oebc.ca and the Exam Team will update your information accordingly. 

Remote Proctoring Inquiries

Remote proctoring is the ability to provide candidates with the opportunity to attempt the written exam exclusively online while ensuring the integrity of the exam. In doing so, candidates are monitored online through video while the exam is in session to ensure legitimacy and to identify any potential misconduct.

The most significant benefit to remote proctoring is it allows candidates the ability to choose their examination environment, wherever they deem most comfortable as long as it has a viable internet connection– this could be within their own home, a library or at their school, etc.

Other noteworthy benefits include:

  • Increases personal safety by eliminating candidates having to assemble in large group settings
  • Reductions in travel expenses to the candidate (hotel, flights, etc.)
  • Discourages travel to eliminate candidates having to quarantine or quarantine twice (especially for those also attempting the OSCE)


  • MonitorEDU, the remote proctoring provider, has a video demonstrating how remote proctoring works. Click here for the video.
  • Candidates will write the online exam at a location of your choice.
  • A live proctor will observe candidates in real time using the candidate’s computer webcam and a connected smart phone camera.
  • Candidates will be required to have access to a computer (laptop or desktop) that has a webcam as well as a mobile phone with a camera. Both devices will need internet access.
  • Candidates will be required to download a unique web browser onto their computers and to test their devices prior to the exam.
  • The written exam has not changed in any way, only the delivery format. It will continue to be multiple-choice closed book.


  • It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to ensure they can meet the technical requirements and testing environment of remote proctoring, including access to a stable and consistent internet connection.
  • The delivery of the exam will be provided through a secure, browser-based platform that locks down the computer from accessing anything except for the exam.
  • Computer (laptop or desktop): Windows 7 or higher, MacOSX High Sierra 10.13.6 or higher. Webcam required.
  • Web Browser: Most recent version of Google Chrome (50+)
  • Mobile Phone/Device: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 8 or higher. Camera required.
  • Internet Connection: Steady internet connection with minimum upload speed of 1MB/second.
  • Six-foot extension cord: Allows flexibility in placement of the computer and camera if the proctor determines that these items must be moved.


If candidates have questions about the technical requirements at any time, they are encouraged to contact MonitorEDU through the 24 hour/7 days a week live chatline at https://monitoredu.com/live-chat.

  • The feeds from the video cameras will not be recorded or stored in any way, with the following exception: in the event of an incident wherein the proctor believes the candidate to be in violation of examination policy, i.e., the proctor suspects the candidate may be cheating, a recording, restricted to the incident, may be made for later review.

This recording and the documentation following from it will be shared only with the OEBC for use in the further investigation of the incident. Additional information regarding MonitorEDU’s privacy policy with respect to video recording maybe found here: https://monitoredu.com/privacy

***It is recommended that you verify your equipment is compatible and the correct installation of the WebLock browser has been completed in the days (i.e., no more than 2 days before the exam). ***

Before the Exam

  • Download, install, and test the WebLock Secure Browser on your computer.
  • Click here to download it and try it.
  • Test your connections using MonitorEDU’s test.

1-2 Days Before the Exam

  • Retest Web Lock by clicking here and clicking “Try WebLock”.
  • Turn off any ad blockers on your web browser.
  • Remove additional downloads, such as ‘hotkeys’
  • Make sure your test area and desk are clean. Make sure your power cables are long enough to the wall outlets. You may require an extension cord.
  • Disconnect and remove any other monitors. Make sure you only have one monitor connected.
  • Make sure you have an area/tripod for your mobile device to be propped up during the exam. The angle of the phone’s camera should be wide enough to see your screen and testing environment.
  • Create door signs to let family members or roommates know not to disturb you.
  • The following are permitted on your desk during the exam:
    • one (1) calculator (Casio FX 260) or alternative, needs to be non-programmable
    • one (1) white board.
    • one (1) whiteboard marker and eraser (a cloth is fine) in your test area.
    • a clear water bottle with labels removed.
    • Unwrapped snacks
    • Ear plugs are permitted. They must be foam or silicone (wired or Bluetooth is not permitted)
      • You must advise OEBC that you intend to wear ear plugs at the written exam by emailing us at exams@oebc.ca
      • Before the exam begins you must show the proctor the ear plugs.
    • Please ensure the ear plugs don’t interfere with your ability to communicate with the proctor throughout the exam.

All items must be shown to the proctor at sign-in. The proctor will then observe the candidates destroying the paper at the end of the exam.

Day of Exam Preparation

  • Prepare your mobile phone which will be used as a second camera during the exam.
    • Connect it to power and prop up the phone.
    • Ensure that you have wi-fi and data enabled (data if possible).
    • Turn up the volume on your phone so you can hear the proctor speak when connected.
    • Turn off all phone applications, enable camera access permissions in your settings.
    • Enable Silent mode or Do Not Disturb mode on your phone.
  • Prepare your computer.
    • Turn off all other computer applications.
    • Ensure your webcam is connected.
  • Ensure your desk is clean and cleared and no other objects are within arm’s reach other than permitted items.


Day of Exam Instructions

  1. At your scheduled sign-in time go to the following website: ascproctor.com, when prompted to select your school/organization, select the OEBC SPRING/FALL WRITTEN exam.
  2. You will have to enter your name and email exactly as you provided on your registration.
  3. You will then be directed to a private online chatroom. Candidates may wait up to 30 minutes to be assigned a proctor as the proctors are registering other candidates.
  4. Your live proctor will initially provide a link that you must input into your mobile phone to create the first video (and audio) connection to your proctor.
    • Once connected, you can communicate verbally with your proctor.
    • Use the native web browser for your device. iPhone = Safari, Android = Google)
  5. Your proctor will then provide a second link to use on your laptop/desktop to activate your second camera (webcam).
  6. Your proctor will walk you through the next steps including:
    • Verifying your identity with your government-issued ID.
    • Scanning your test area visually using your phone’s camera
  7. You will now receive the test link.
    • The WebLock browser should automatically launch.
  8. Input your name on the registration page.
  9. You will receive a unique test code – Please write this code down on your paper.
  10. Your exam will now begin. You have 2.5 hours to complete the first portion of the exam.
  11. The 2.5-hour timer starts when you begin the exam, not when you begin the registration process. The exam is separated into three parts with a 30 minute brief break in between sessions.
  12. You must complete the above instructions again, once you return from each break session.
  13. There are no scheduled washroom breaks during the exam sessions. 

      • You should utilize the 30-minute break between sessions for washroom breaks. 
      • Should you need to take a bathroom break during the exam session:
        1. Contact your proctor before leaving your computer. 
        2. If you wish to review any of your responses up to that point. You must do so before leaving the testing area. 
      • The exam timer will continue to run during your washroom break.
      • Your response to any questions completed before the break will be exported and will be compared to your final submission.
      •  Your response to questions answered before a washroom break are considered to be final. Should you return to any question answered before a washroom break and change the response, the question will be marked incorrect regardless of your answer.
      • If you are gone for more than half an hour, that session will be closed and you may participate in any remaining sessions
  • Do not panic. Your progress will be saved.
  • In the event you lose wi-fi connection, your phone’s data plan keeps you connected with your live proctor.
  • Your proctor will help guide you through the reconnection process if required.
  • Keep the unique test code that you wrote down earlier, you will need it to reconnect.
  • Once you have re-established your internet connection: If you have difficulty connecting back to the exam, speak with MonitorEDU using their 24/7 online live chat: https://monitoredu.com/live-chat
  • OEBC staff are not able to support or troubleshoot the remote proctoring platform. You must contact MonitorEDU directly.


The Chief Examiner will review the incident and ensure the candidate can complete the remainder of the exam.


  1. How come you are only offering the written exam through Remote Proctor and not in person?
    • As the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges with exam platforms. OEBC reinvented how we will now administer the exams, including safety protocols and social distancing. OEBC will be delivering the written exam via remote proctoring.
    • We understand that candidates may be worried about meeting the technical requirements for the exam. While there is an additional burden to meet the technical requirements, this burden is offset by the confidence that the OEBC written exam can be offered through remote proctoring. Candidates can attempt the exam in the comfort of their own homes or any suitable location of their choosing.
  1. Can I go to a friend or relative’s house if my room does not meet the minimum requirements?
    • Yes, provided a candidate can meet the technical and environmental requirements, they can do so in an alternate location suitable for high-stakes testing. Keep in mind there cannot be other people in the room or moving through the room when you are testing.
  1. Can I borrow a friend or relative’s computer, webcam, or mobile phone?
    • Yes, candidates are encouraged to source or borrow electronic equipment in order to meet the technical requirements of remote proctoring.
  1. I am an out of Province Candidate, what does remote proctoring mean for me?
    • You can attempt the written exam portion of the exam in the location/province/country of your choosing. The OEBC has considered the logistics of choosing an exam time for out of province candidates who wish to write the exam in their home province. The starting time is a compromise between Canada’s six time zones.
  1. Can I write the written exam from another country?
    • Yes, remote proctoring is available to you regardless of geography provided you can meet the technical and environmental requirements. Please note there is no adaptation for time zones.
  1. Will I get my results faster with remote proctoring?
    • No, the procedures used to review and validate the exam results remain critical to high-stakes examinations. Exam results will be released as usual within approximately 6-8 weeks after the administration of the exam.
  1. I am nervous about remote proctoring, who can I talk to who might assist with reassuring me?
    • MonitorEDU has an online chat. Please feel free to contact them with your questions regarding the proctoring experience and any technical specification. https://monitoredu.com/live-chat
  1. Will I be able to see my online proctor while they are observing me?
    • No, candidates will only be able to view their examination.
  1. Will I be able to use the bathroom during the exam?
    • There are no scheduled washroom breaks during the exam sessions. 

        • You should utilize the 30-minute break between sessions for washroom breaks. 
        • Should you need to take a bathroom break during the exam session:
          1. Contact your proctor before leaving your computer. 
          2. If you wish to review any of your responses up to that point. You must do so before leaving the testing area. 
  1. Will I be able to take notes during the exam?
    • Yes, candidates are permitted to have a white board and marker (s) during the exam. Should candidates choose to take notes, the white board will be shown to the proctor as part of the security check and will again be shown to the proctor at the end of the exam, wiped clean. 

Written Exam - Alternative Choice of Testing Environment

OEBC now delivers its written exam through an online system. The pass rate of the computer-based exams has been the same as the paper based written exam. The primary advantage of remote proctoring is writing the exam in any private location.

If WI-FI is a concern in your home/area, you may choose an alternative location to attempt the written exam, for example:

  • A room rental in the local Library (1-3 Students may use the same room), environmental requirements need to be met.
  • Private school classroom (1-3 Students may use the same room), environmental requirements need to be met.
  • Friend or relatives’ home – provided technical and environmental requirements are met.


If you are choosing an alternative environment other than your home to attempt the remote written exam, OEBC must be advised.