General Exam Inquiries

In fairness and transparency for all candidates, exam policies and procedures are available at oebc.ca. All candidates are required to follow these policies. To register for a future attempt, you must meet the eligibility conditions set out in the Exam Eligibility and Retake Policy, which requires that candidates meet one of the following conditions:

  • OD graduate who has successfully completed his/her OD program in Canada or the U.S. within the past three years have graduated with a doctor of optometry degree from an ACOE-accredited program or be credentialled by FORAC an International Crediting program; OR,
  • Graduate of non-ACOE institution who has completed the Evaluating Exam and approved by the federation of optometry regulators to go directly to the OEBC exam or completed an acceptable bridging education program; OR,
  • Other OD Graduate who is registered/licensedto practice with a full, independent and unrestricted license/registration to practice as an Optometrist in the U.S.


To summarize, you must either have obtained an OD degree from an accredited US or Canadian optometry program in the past 3 years or been a credentialled international graduate. Information about credentialing is available at http://forac-faroc.ca/. 

The Candidate Instructions and Exam Guide contains all information including timing for both the written exam and OSCE; please refer to this document found on the Preparing for the Exam webpage for more information.

As stated in your OEBC Registration Confirmation email, you will receive a specific exam schedule details 6-8 weeks before the exam date. We suggest adding ‘exams@oebc.ca’ to your safe list to ensure you receive the email to your inbox.

As indicated on OEBC’s Results Reporting webpage, results from 2018 are issued online through OEBC’s candidate portal:

Approximately eight weeks after an exam administration, individual exam results will be available to each candidate on the OEBC candidate portal. An email will be sent to candidates when results are available. Candidates will be able to access and download their results by logging in to their profile on the portal with their username and password.

If you have completed your written exam or OSCE separately, the results letter you received in July/December indicates that it is for your records only. You will receive a pass letter indicating you have completed the OEBC exam once you have successfully passed both the written exam and OSCE. A certificate only will be mailed to a candidate’s address on file at this time.

Candidates who have passed the OEBC exam (written and OSCE) will receive a letter, a copy of which may be downloaded and printed (ensure the OEBC corporate seal in the centre of the page is visible) to submit to the provincial or territorial regulatory body to which the candidate is applying for registration to practice optometry. Certificates will be sent to candidates through regular mail with Canada Post.

For exam results previous to 2017, please contact exams@oebc.ca for a PDF copy due to a corporate name change.

In fairness to all candidates OEBC provides candidates with the same amount of detail and type of information about results – your feedback report and the scoring information available on the website. There is no more information to give to candidates. Please refer to the Scoring and Rescoring, Passing the Exam and Preparing for the Exam pages for more information.

OEBC does not send results directly to regulatory bodies on behalf of candidates/optometrists. Results are issued directly to the candidate via OEBC’s candidate portal. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit to the college he/she wishes to register with. The college can verify the results with OEBC if needed.

OEBC’s role is to develop and administer the entry-to-practice exam of behalf of the regulators.

OEBC cannot speak to registering within a particular province as each provincial regulator has their own set of rules and regulations for registering within their province. You will need to contact the College of Optometrists of who you wish to register with directly.

Portal Related Inquiries

Sign out of the portal completely; Clear your cache, close all web browsers; and restart your computer

As stated on the portal sign in page, after 5 failed log in attempts your account is automatically locked for 2 hours. If you do not remember your password, please click “forgot password” to reset it however clicking “forgot password” after the 5 failed attempts will not allow you back in until the 2 hour window has passed. If you have another 5 failed log in attempts, your account will be locked for another 2 hours.

Please wait the 2 hours, clear your cache, close all browsers and restart. If you are still experiencing issues after you have attempted the above, contact exams@oebc.ca for further assistance.

Candidates do not have the ability to change personal information in the portal after registration. Please submit your new address to exams@oebc.ca and the Exam Team will update your information accordingly.