Accommodations Decision-Making Principles

The Optometry Examining Board of Canada (OEBC) is committed to providing accessible and equitable service to all exam candidates. This includes administering the national entry-to-practice examination for optometry in Canada in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. In reviewing accommodation requests, OEBC must balance the rights of the individual examination candidate with its mandate to protect the security, fairness, validity and reliability of the examination. OEBC is committed to a fair review of each accommodation request and will review requests for accommodation on a case-by-case basis. OEBC may submit such requests to one or more independent, external expert for review and recommendation. 

OEBC will base its decision on the following fundamental principles: 

  1. The degree to which the individual has provided relevant evidence of a currently disabling condition (a letter verifying a diagnosis is not required or definitive – evidence must be related to any required accommodations).
  2. The degree to which the individual has provided current evidence that accommodations are needed in order to access the test.
  3. The degree to which the requested accommodation is appropriate to the task and the setting, i.e., written testing, practical testing (OSCE).
  4. The degree to which the requested accommodation(s) could reasonably be expected to mitigate the person’s impairment (functional limitations) within the specific context of the examination.
  5. The degree to which OEBC can reasonably be assured that the requested accommodation would not significantly and/or negatively impact the security, integrity, and validity of the exam.
  6. The degree to which the requested accommodation can be shown to not interfere with OEBC’s duty to deliver a legally valid and defensible entry-to-practice exam by ensuring a reliable and fair exam that assesses whether or not a candidate possesses the abilities, knowledge and skills to conduct safe, effective, independent optometry practice.