Administration Dates, Location & Frequency


To set out the policy for OEBC examination frequency, date and location. 

Exam Frequency

OEBC will administer the entry-to-practice examination, the OEBC written and OSCE, two times per fiscal year: once in the spring and once in the fall. The primary reasons for two administrations are as follows:

  • to enable access near or shortly after graduation for the purpose of registration in a province
  • to allow a re-take opportunity within 6-8 months of the spring exam

Holding spring and fall administrations is consistent with other health professions in Canada and ensures fairness for candidates without causing undue hardship to the organization. 

Exam Dates and Locations

Setting exam dates requires judgment of many complex factors within and outside the organization. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) sets each exam administration date and location and such decision is final and not appealable. Exam dates and locations will be set with the primary goal of delivering a legally valid, reliable and defensible exam, taking into consideration a list of factors including but not limited to site availability, suitability and accessibility; cost; and distance to urban centre and required support services.

At the time of setting the examination administration date and location and at its sole discretion, OEBC may consider school graduation dates but in the case of a conflict, the factors set out above and such other factors that the CEO deems appropriate will take priority. Personal or professional events (including but not limited to such events as e.g. wedding, association conference, educational course, non-OEBC exam) are not considered for the purposes of establishing an examination date.

Note that OEBC schedules a candidate’s written exam location based on the candidate’s language preference. Language/location information is available at 

Publication of Dates

Exam dates and locations will be published no later than 4 months before an exam.   

Right to Change

To ensure a legally valid and reliable exam, OEBC reserves the right to, at its discretion and/or as it deems necessary and/or in the case of circumstances beyond its control, change or cancel an exam date and/or location.