Future OEBC Exam Dates

See below target dates and locations, which can be subject to change.

To ensure a legally valid and reliable exam, OEBC reserves the right to, at its discretion and/or as it deems necessary and/or in the case of circumstances beyond its control, change or cancel an exam date and/or location.

Date WrittenOSCE (Waterloo/Hamilton)OSCE (MONTREAL)
Fall 2024Thursday November 7Sunday October 6
Spring 2025Thursday March 6Sunday May 4Saturday April 12
Fall 2025Thursday November 6Sunday October 5
Spring 2026Thursday March 5Sunday May 3Saturday April 11
Fall 2026 Thursday November 5Sunday October 4
Spring 2027Thursday March 4Sunday May 2Saturday April 10
Fall 2027Thursday November 4Sunday October 3