How to Submit Eligibility and Registration Requests

Exam Registration Steps

To submit your eligibility request at the OEBC Registration Portal, click HERE 

 Important: An eligibility request must be submitted with each application. For example, a candidate who takes the written exam and OSCE at separate administrations must submit an eligibility request each time.

  1. Eligibility Request Deadline – the candidate’s deadline to submit the eligibility request online. This date is 7 days before the Registration Deadline.
    • It is recommended that the eligibility request form be submitted 1-2 weeks before Eligibility Request Deadline to avoid any unforeseen delays.
    • Fall 2023 Eligibility Request Deadline date: July 25, 2023, 12 pm ET

         2. Registration Deadline – the candidate’s deadline to submit the exam registration application online including identification                   uploads and payment. 

    • Fall 2023 Registration deadline date: August 1, 2023, 12 pm ET

Eligibility and registration deadline dates are firm. A deadline will not be extended to accommodate late applications. Ensure that OEBC receives your eligibility request form and your completed registration application by the respective deadlines. The eligibility request deadline and the examination registration deadline will not be extended for any reason. OEBC is not responsible for processing delays which may occur due to missing, incomplete or inaccurate information and which may result in the candidate missing a deadline; OEBC is not responsible for late submissions, for technical difficulties or for any issues involving third party payors; such matters will not be a reason for appeal.  We caution all candidates to register as early as possible to avoid any unforeseen delays. The use of online registration prevents late registration – the system will not accept an eligibility request or an exam registration application after the deadlines.

The following three steps are done online using OEBC’s Registration Portal:

STEP 1 – Eligibility Request: 

At the candidate portal, choose the appropriate eligibility request form (refer to Exam Eligibility and Retake policy). Complete and submit the eligibility request form by the Eligibility Request Deadline. Candidates will need their expected graduation date. Eligibility and registration deadlines are available at Key Dates & Deadlines.  Important: An eligibility request must be submitted with each application. For example, a candidate who takes the written exam and OSCE at separate administrations must submit an eligibility request each time.

Important things to remember when submitting your eligibility request:

  • Ensure that all contact information you enter – including name, mailing address and email address – is complete and accurate. This information is used for all correspondence and eligibility request verification.
  • The email entered in the Eligibility Request form will become the candidate’s username. This username cannot be changed.
  • After submitting your eligibility request, candidates will receive an email to confirm their account. Candidates MUST confirm their portal account in order to receive further communication from OEBC including but not limited to completing your exam registration, receiving exam results, etc.
  • Ensure your identification is valid up to and including the exam administration date you are registering for. Identification that will expire before the examination date will not be accepted. If you are experiencing extreme or unusual circumstances with obtaining a government issued ID, i.e. expired passport, please contact OEBC immediately for direction.  Note that further documentation may be required, e.g. notarized document. OEBC is not responsible for any potential related issues which might include additional time or costs to the candidate.

STEP 2 – Eligibility Verification: 

OEBC will review eligibility request forms received and verify eligibility. Allow 3-5 business days. Once approved, the candidate will receive an email advising eligibility has been verified and to proceed with creating an account and completing exam registration online. A request that is incomplete or inaccurate or fails to meet exam eligibility criteria will be denied and the candidate advised of the reason. An example is the candidate name is not on the graduation (eligibility) list from the school.

STEP 3 – Registration: 

All candidates must click on the link in the email (see Step 2) to complete the account set up and register for the exam. Upon submitting a complete registration, the candidate will receive a payment receipt by email.