Results Reporting

Candidate Performance Reports

Exam reporting dates are indicated here.

Approximately eight weeks after an exam administration, individual exam results will be available to each candidate on the OEBC candidate portal. An email will be sent to candidates when results are available. Candidates will be able to access and download their results by logging in to their profile on the portal with their username and password. To ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of all assessment performance results, exam results are available to candidates in their profile only. Under no circumstances will reports be available by telephone, fax, email or in-person.

Candidates who have passed the OEBC exam (written and OSCE) will receive a letter, a copy of which may be downloaded and printed (ensure the OEBC corporate seal in the centre of the page is visible) to submit to the provincial or territorial regulatory body to which the candidate is applying for registration to practice optometry.

Candidates should also refer to the Publication of Results policy here.  Note that OEBC sends confirmation of exam results to Canadian optometry regulators and/or the Federation of Optometric Regulatory Authorities of Canada.  Candidates authorize this in the application to take the OEBC examination. OEBC does not send a copy of a candidate’s individual results letter or reports directly to regulatory bodies on behalf of candidates. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit to the college he/she wishes to register to practice.

Certificates will be sent to candidates through regular mail with Canada Post.

Candidates who have not passed will receive a notification letter as well as a feedback report for the failed exam(s). Samples of these reports are as follows:

Sample OSCE Feedback Report

Sample Written Feedback Report

Exam performance results are validated for regulators by OEBC as explained in the Publication of Results policy here.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that his or her email address and mailing address is current.

Note: candidates who have taken and passed the “early written” option will receive a pass letter. This letter is for the candidate only. Candidates who have passed the OEBC exam, both written and OSCE, will receive a letter stating they have passed the OEBC exam; this is the letter needed for registration to practice.

At the sole option of the OEBC, it may, in lieu of the online reporting of results, provide the results through the mail. OEBC is not responsible for any delays in reporting results which are caused by matters outside of its control. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that he or she has continued access to the portal.