Requesting an Exam Rescore


The scores are marked electronically. The psychometrician carefully reviews all unsuccessful candidates’ scores for errors.

A panel of optometrists under the guidance of the psychometrician complete a review of test items. Certain items may be deleted from scoring for all candidates if they do not meet appropriate psychometric characteristics. For example, if the item fails to discriminate positively. Deleted items are removed from scoring for all candidates, thereby ensuring that reported results are valid and fair.

After an examination, all results are verified before being sent to candidates.

A candidate may request the rescoring of their OSCE or written exam by sending a request to The fee can be paid via the portal or by e-transfer within 15 days of the OEBC issuing the results.

There are three potential outcomes following a rescoring of an examination:

  • no change to score,
  • change to score but no change in the Fail status, or
  • a change in score and a change from Fail to Pass status.

The score forms will be reviewed again for coding errors.  Please note, any additional information provided by the candidate will not be forwarded with the rescore request.  The candidate will receive the rescore results within thirty (30) days of the deadline date posted on the website.

Please note, given the additional scrutiny that OEBC applies to fail results, it is unlikely that rescoring the examination will produce a change in result.

The Appeals Policy sets out the procedures a candidate must follow to appeal to their performance results on the OSCE or written exam.